Critics rave about "Long Way Down"

"We love it when musicians who are sometimes too closely associated with name artists – in Glass House's situation that would be the legendary, ten-time Grammy Award winning vocalist and conductor Bobby McFerrin – get that rare chance to do their own thing on their own terms. Such is the case for singer David Worm, who is a founding member of McFerrin's phenomenal Voicestra, and his partner, guitar maestro Mark Vickness, who dazzles on his 8 string guitar/bass - on their third collaborative effort entitled "Long Way Down." Among the like-minded players on this set who create an intoxicating brew of world, soul, folk, blues and jazz include The Turtle Island String Quartet, tabla virtuoso Tu Burhoe, and various members of ensembles led by Charlie Hunter, Frank Zappa, Stanley Clarke, Bill Withers, and Prince to namedrop a few. Rather than let their formidable chops do all the heavy lifting, Glass House and their funky friends surrender to the groove – every track percolates with elastic rhythms abetted by melodies and harmonies. Glass House's brilliant rendition of Robbie Robertson's "Broken Arrow" is worth the price of admission alone – however you'll want to hear every track on "Long Way Down." 

Tom Semioli - Minor 7th

"If you don't know anything about the duo Glass House, or have never heard any of their previously-released music, well, you have missed out on something very special, trust me.  This incredible, truly wonderful new album begins with the storytelling of love within ‘Build A Bridge,’ and backs it up with some acoustic guitar work and violin (from Mads Tolling) on the Celtic-inspired ‘Waiting For You.’ Worm’s vocals combined with Vickness’ guitar work and backing vocals; and bass from Jon Evans all work in perfect harmony with each other.  Even taking a second and third listening, as was done, the album’s lyrical content is so deep, so fruitful, so rich."

Russel Trunk - Russel Trunk's Exclusive Magazine

"I have to admit that I just love this track.  This is the one that just reaches out and touches.  It's just magic, magic, magic."

Simon Barrett - Blog Talk Radio, 10/25/13 - discussing "For Now"

"I haven’t encountered such outstanding pop music in a long time, one that is played with a combination of maturity and spirit and with distinctively well-conceived compositions and arrangements, which do not come across artificial at all, but very natural and very approachable. This is exactly the kind of music that you can always play if you are not exactly sure what it is you want to listen to.  This beautiful music will simply knock you over!"

Wolfgang Giese - Rocktimes, 01/09/14

“They take on Robbie Robertson's "Broken Arrow" with a passion and respect for the songwriter, making each lyric so meaningful.”

J. Pasinski - JP’s Music Blog, 12/4/13

"Impressive vocals and ambitious compositions.  A stellar cover of Robbie Robertson’s “Broken Arrow.”"

Ken Paulson – Americana Music News, 11/23/13

"An amazing duo with an intimate yet powerful approach.  A stunning rendition of Robbie Robertson's "Broken Arrow." Worm's vocals are warm and powerful."

Brent Black -

"An undeniable pleasure"

François Becquart - Music in Belgium, 12/11/13

"Beautiful bluesy vocals by Worm"

Cis Van Looy - Keys and Chords, 11/11/13

We therefore award 'Long Way Down' with the rating 'great record'.

Valsam - Rootstime

"A beautiful sounding record.  A wonderful rendition of Robbie Robertson's Broken Arrow." - 12/11/13

"Excellent.  Listen up!!"  -  Bobby McFerrin

“Just beautiful.  I don’t want it to end.
We’re filled in this world with a lot of things that
bring us down, that knock our spirits down.
Music like that just lifts me up.”
Larry Kelp
KPFA 94.1 FM

"Amazing... a great performance
by brilliant artists."
Michael Greenfield, Greenfield Guitars

"Thanks so much for the terrific show at Noe Valley Ministry last night. I thoroughly enjoyed your performance, especially the opening song - just beautiful work."
Drew Pearce
Bay Area music journalist

“[Glass House] will no doubt strike a chord
with its target audience.”
Kirsty Evans
East Bay Express

"The music of Glass House emanates from the meeting of artists with that rare combination of pedigree and soul. Mark Vickness and David Worm bring to the stage an impressive musical rap sheet: Worm regularly performs with Bobby McFerrin and Vickness is a disciple of the Michael Hedges school of acoustic guitar and plays not only regular six string instruments but harp guitar and eight string guitar/bass. The roots of their study and experience take hold on stage at every performance, blooming and blossoming into a transcendental experience for everyone within ear shot. I’ve had the pleasure of catching a Glass House show at Panama Red Coffee in Concord and with the first strum and hum, I found myself entranced with music so subtle and delicate yet seething with powerful emotion."
Dayv Cabrito, promoter
Halfway to Concord

Glass House releases another spectacular Pop/Rock single, Long Way Down. As soon as you start listening to this song you will feel a smooth groove take over your senses. The vocals are soulful and project an air of intoxicating appeal. You will be mesmerized by the emotive vocals gently interplaying with the instrumentation as it creates a bluesy intonation. The bass line flows with a charismatic charm while the soft drum beats captures a serene ambiance. This well crafted single will surely melt your heart and soul as it will electrify you with its sweet and charming melody. If you are a fan of Dave Matthews then you will thoroughly enjoy the delectable single, Long Way Down.  radioindy