about glass house

With over twenty-three years of working together, David Worm and Mark Vickness have shared much more than a passion for great songwriting. From personal tragedy to the joy of raising children, through all the changes of the last two decades, these musicians have made writing songs together a constant thread, a platform on which to build not just a body of work but a lifelong friendship and a musical chemistry that infuses every song.

Over the years, David and Mark have worked with many phenomenal musicians. That trend continues on their third CD, Long Way Down. Producer/bassist Jon Evans is well-known for his years recording and touring with Tori Amos and Third Eye Blind. Two time Grammy winners, The Turtle Island String Quartet contribute their remarkable talents on two songs. Also appearing are drummers Scott Amendola (Charlie Hunter), L.A. studio ace, MB Gordy (Frank Zappa, Green Day, Bill Withers), tabla virtuoso Ty Burhoe, violinist Mads Tolling (Stanley Clarke) and vocalists Ashling Cole (Prince) and Julianna Graffagna (Kitka).

Pooling influences ranging from Sting to Peter Gabriel and Dave Matthews to Jason Mraz, Long Way Down is a tour de force of Mark’s intricate, layered guitars and David’s soaring, blues inflected vocals. This CD reflects the full range of Glass House Music, from the sparsely haunting solo acoustic guitar and voice rendition of Robbie Robertson’s Broken Arrow, the funk string quartet intro to Turn Away to the driving, world music infused choral tapestry of Build A Bridge. Lyrics run the gamut from tender personal pathos (For Now, Thank You) to timely political and social narratives (Turn Away, Where I Belong). Widely-acclaimed YouTube videos by Glass House Music have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans. When the live version video of Broken Arrow was first released, it was the seventh most-viewed youtube video according to Billboard.com, beating out Christina Aguilera’s “You Lost Me” and Pearl Jam’s “Unthought Known."